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You remember
1% of what you touch
2% of what you hear
5% of what you see &
35% of what you smell.

Doctor Aromas revolutionary proprietary A/C scenting systems are versatile and programmable to meet the challenges of any space.

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Our Scents

Doctor Aromas offers an extensive catalog of fragrances designed by master perfumers and free of respiratory allergens.  For large brands looking for further differentiation, we also develop signature scents.

We are committed to ethical business practices and all of our fragrances are composed of sustainably sourced ingredients.

How it Works

Doctor Aromas revolutionary commercial scent systems diffuse fragrance with an airborne concentration of under 10 parts per million. These micro-droplets behave like a dry vapor, diffusing uniformly in the air and leaving no trace of residue on surfaces. Our proprietary A/C diffusers are versatile, programmable to meet the challenges of any commercial space, and remote controllable with their patented Bluetooth connection for fast, no-contact adjustments.

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