Decorating spaces with scent since 2007

Knowledge & Experience

More than 15 years dedicated to one thing: business and home perfuming. We take pride in providing our customers with safe, efficient products made in the US.

At Doctor Aromas, we believe in elevating well-being and creating happy memories through an often overlooked sense, smell. Over all these years we have expanded to provide clean fragrances that elevate all kind of spaces.

Your home, your sanctuary

Where with family and friends life is lived and memories are made. You’ve carefully chosen your furniture and artwork, your lighting and the sounds you hear. Now complete the experience with aromatherapy for your home.

Your Business, Your Growth

Whatever your scenting needs may be, we have your back. We have scent machines to impact businesses in different industries. Our most popular and unique system is our proprietary system, which works through the air conditioning. Wherever the AC reaches, so does the scent.

Benefits of Doctor Aromas

• Special discounts for residents, guests, and clients buying Doctor Aromas products for their homes.

• Equipment and installation costs waived with the contract.

• Clear and friendly communication.

• Committed and punctual team.

• We always aim to do what is best for our clients.